22 January 2019
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  Activities at IRO:

International Student & Faculty Exchange Programs: Our international student and faculty exchange initiative is aimed at working hand in hand with eminent academicians, brilliant students from all over the world.

Faculty Exchange Program: The faculty exchange program at TUOMS is for the academicians interested to learn, discuss and work with the ever progressing research activities, developments in various clusters of medical sciences. 

Enquiries for Exchange: The IRO co-ordinates the exchange program for both students and faculty staff. The queries can be mailed to IRO@tbzmed.ac.ir

International Delegation Visits: TUOMS is one of the most famous medical schools in the country which has been visited by a great number of scholars and officials. IRO invites all medical institutes and universities around the world to visit TUOMS and its capabilities. The visits of the international delegations are co-ordinated well in advance for detailed interactions with the faculty, students and also visits to the labs and other research facilities. IRO would be responsible for planning the itinerary of the delegation. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Universities: One of the most important missions of IRO is to sign MOU’s with different medical universities and research institutes. The IRO encourages, maintains and sustains MOUs for the relentless growth.