22 January 2019
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  List of Research Priorities at TUOMS:

All the researchers who are willing to coordinate with TUOMS in conducting medical-related projects are highly welcome. Among the proposed fields of interest and the priorities of the University the following topics are of prime importance:

- Cancer

- Mental health

- Adult and Adolescence health

- Premature infants

- Hepatitis

- AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases

- Tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases

- Obesity

- Food safety and quality control of nutritional substances

- Diabetes

-  Management of health system

- Healthy water

- Environmental pollution (waste)

- Biotechnology

- Nanotechnology

- Medicinal plants

- Mouth and teeth health

- Heart ischemic diseases

- High risk pregnancy

- Trauma and Casualties

- Quality improvement of pharmaceutical services

- Research in medical education

- Research in medical ethics

Moreover, regarding the activities and efforts that TUOMS has made in collaboration with WHO, this university is also interested in: holding scientific short courses on the maternal and neonatal mortality entitled “Safe Pregnancy” for students and nursing personnel of regional countries such as Nakhchivan, Tajikistan and Kurdistan of Iraq (Dohuk, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah); collaborating in MDR, Tuberculosis diseases; and Health Management & Public Health issues.