19 July 2018
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Date : 2017 Tuesday 08 Aug     |     Code : 138

Representatives of WHO EMRO Visited Population and Family Health System in Tabriz


Dr. Maha Eladawy, regional advisor of the WHO regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean and Dr. Jamela Elraiby, technical officer and director of health protection of EMRO visited family health system of Tabriz on 29-30 July 2017.
The purpose of this visit was to develop a more strategic approach to the technical support that WHO provides in the area of Health Protection and Promotion.  The main focus in this mission was maternal, new born and child health, reproductive health, adolescent and elderly health. In addition, subjects of school health and SDH/SDG were covered.
More specifically this visit provided an opportunity for:
  • An in depth understanding of the programs and initiatives of the MOHME in the areas of health protection and promotion (with above focus) that would include identifying success areas and those that need further strengthening;
  • Meeting and seeking the view of programs managers and policymakers in the MOHME in relevant areas of work and to get a firsthand insight into their technical assistance needs;
  • Strategizing WHO`s support, from the three levels of the Organization, in the area health protection and promotion not only for the year 2017 but also for the next biennium


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