25 February 2018
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Date : 2016 Sunday 11 Sep     |     Code : 116

Dr. John Albert Wray to Collaborate in Autism Research with TUOMS



 Dr. John Albert Wray, developmental pediatrician and clinical associate professor of the University of Western Australia is going to start mutual collaboration with Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) on autism research. Dr. Wray is one of the pioneering and prominent scholars of Australia in autism registry and related topics.

This program is part of Dr. Wray’s trip to Iran to attend the “16th National and 3rd International Child Neurology Congress” which will be held from 14-16th September, 2016 at TUOMS, Tabriz-Iran.

Posted on   2016 Sunday 11 Sep  Time     by   فاطمه ذابح جمشیدی   
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