25 July 2017
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Date : 2016 Sunday 17 Jul     |     Code : 107

First Iranian Breast Milk Bank Established at TUOMS


Following the efforts of Dr. Mohammad Bagher Hosseini, Head of Al-Zahra Hospital’s NICU, the first Iranian breast milk bank was established in Al-Zahra hospital of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences on 15 July, 2016.

This ceremony was attended by a number of local and ministerial authorities including Dr. Mrandi (Head of the Academy of Medical Sciences), Dr. Pezeshkian (Iranian Parliament’s Vice President), Dr. Will Parks (UNICEF Representative in Iran), Dr. Motlagh (Chairman of the Demographic and Health Department), Dr. Somi (TUOMS Chancellor), and the head and members of Iranian association for promoting breastfeeding.

The main objective of establishing this unit is to provide breast milk to the preterm and high-risk infants. Al-Zahra milk bank has been developed based on the standards and guidelines presented by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).

To get more info on different aspects of the project, please feel free to send your enquiries to the email address: hosseini.neo@gmail.com.

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